AHLA’s Hospitality for Hope

Provide a bed for first responders and healthcare professionals

Current Situation:

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented stress on both the American healthcare system and its workers. With the US now the country most impacted by COVID-19 in terms of casualties, the healthcare industry is turning to other sectors to ease the strain.

What is AHLA’s Hospitality for Hope Initiative doing about this?

‘AHLA’s Hospitality for Hope Initiative’ was created to boost collaboration between the hotel industry and local, state and federal governments to help employees, communities across the country, and the industry during the unprecedented COVID-19 health crisis.

As part of this initiative, AHLA announced a partnership with AHLA’s partner state associations to support communities across the country by connecting hotel properties with the health community, struggling to find housing and support as the COVID-19 public health crisis grows.

To help match and streamline the process, AHLA is working with HHS to create a national database. Government officials will be able to search willing properties based on geographic location.

Other ways to get involved