Buy Now, Stay Later

Receive bonds from travel enthusiasts all over the world

Current Situation:

The hotel industry faces unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19, with many temporarily closing their doors until borders reopen and lockdowns are relaxed. Government assistance for hotels varies from country to country, with some in the industry provided very little in the way of support.

What is Buy Now, Stay Later doing about this?

The Buy Now, Stay Later initiative seeks to help hotels through the creation of “hotel bonds”. People looking to support the industry are able to purchase bonds in increments of $100 and, once ready, can book in to stay at a later date. After the 60-day maturation period, they will receive $150 for every $100 spent.

A program for hotels all over the world, Buy Now, Stay Later is designed to help hotels in supporting their housekeepers, bartenders and concierges – everyone who keeps their hotel running at this time, while allowing the supporters’ money to go farther and be put to even better use in the future.

Other ways to get involved