Buy One, Give One

Attract guests while providing respite to those who’ve risked their lives to care for the sick

Current Situation:

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis has been devastating to the travel industry, with countless hotels remaining closed globally and hospitality employees out of work.

What is Buy One, Give One doing about this?

To jumpstart travel and thank healthcare workers for their tireless efforts on the front line, HSMAI along with other members of the hospitality industry have united to launch Buy One, Give One.

Available until June 30, Buy One, Give One is a “vacay layaway” program which allows consumers to purchase future travel now, while also giving back. In return for bookings or gift card purchases, participating hotels will donate room nights, gift cards or loyalty points to select charitable organisations to distribute as a “thank you” to healthcare workers, who’ve been tirelessly working on the front lines, to redeem for future leisure stays.  


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