Hotels for Helpers

Provide a room to those in need in the US, UK, Netherlands or Czech Republic

Current Situation:

Healthcare professionals are on the front line in the fight against COVID-19. They’re often required to travel far from home and work long hours in harm’s way. Hotels for Helpers sees it as their duty to do what they can to help them and their families.

Unfortunately, there are lots of empty hotel rooms right now – but these are exactly the beds that can offer some comfort to those affected by the pandemic.

What is Hotels for Helpers doing about this?

Hotels for Helpers is an industry-wide initiative to provide people in need with hotel accommodation at a maximum of €25 per night.

Why €25? It’s just enough to cover their running costs. Hotels for Helpers isn’t about profit – many hotels are offering rooms for free. It’s about recognising hospitality’s responsibility to help.

When healthcare workers and families are stationed away from home, Hotels for Helpers is there to meet the important need for nearby accommodation.

In general, rooms are available for:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Nurses, doctors, paramedics etc. deployed in locations other than their usual place of work
  • Family members of healthcare professionals
  • Those who want to be closer to their loved ones – if regional movement restrictions allow
  • Family members of patients
  • Those who have been relocated to hospitals outside their own region – if regional movement restrictions allow

Get your property involved:

Hotels for Helpers is looking to expand so they can reach as many people as possible. Get in touch if you’re interested in offering rooms in a region they don’t yet cover.

Other ways to get involved