Save Indie Hotels

Allow gift cards to be bought now and redeemed later at your Latin American hotel

Current Situation:

Many independent hotels in Mexico and the broader Latin American region have had to suspend their operations, and thousands of people are out of work as a result of COVID-19. In Mexico, the damage in destinations such as Riviera Maya has been undeniable, with up to 500 accommodation providers temporarily disrupted.

What is Save Indie Hotels doing about this?

Save Indie Hotels is a support network for independent hotels, by GuruHotel. From the platform, consumers can buy gift cards now and then exchange them at any registered hotel, once circumstances allow for those consumers to travel again. For hotels, this means much-needed revenue for the short-term.

In addition, for each gift card purchased, 10% will be donated to the purchase of protective masks for the doctors and nurses who are still facing the COVID-19 emergency.

Other ways to get involved