Palladium launches online festival ‘CONVIDA-20’ for loyal guests

Palladium launches online festival ‘CONVIDA-20’ for loyal guests

—– Because why email when you can tango?

Deriving its name from the very illness that has derailed the sector in recent months, CONVIDA-20, which translates to “WithLife-20”, is a concept that has united the hotel’s faithful around a shared appreciation of music, fitness and dance – online. 

With hotels in Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil and Italy, Palladium’s staff were set a clear objective at the outset of COVID-19: to engage their guests around the world—many of whom they are close to personally—throughout the travel downturn.  

Ricardo Canales, Sport and Entertainment Director at Palladium Hotel Group, who conceived the idea, says, “We needed to think of a way to keep in contact with our repeat guests, because, honestly, I don’t think too many hotel companies have fans like us. Some of our customers are coming to us five or six times per year!”

It all began with a challenge

Starting out with interactive activities like online bingo for older guests and drawing contests for the children, CONVIDA-20 Music Fest was formed after guests threw Ricardo a challenge: to make a funny music video.

Being well connected with musicians and with experience organising the Chic Cabaret at the Cancun, Riviera Maya and Punta Cana locations, Ricardo accepted the challenge without hesitation, but knew he would need help.

“I said to the fans: ‘hey, I need two people to play an instrument’,” Ricardo recalls. “It then started with one video after I invited some musicians to get involved. Soon, artists from all around the world said that they would also like to perform.” 

Ricardo was able to quickly assemble nearly fifty artists to perform across the eight-day April CONVIDA-20 Music Fest event, including musicians such as Roman Mosteiro from Spain, Micca Mont from Mexico and Cande Bulla from Argentina.

And, soon after, CONVIDA-20 Fitness & Dance was also born, bringing together instructors from China, Russia, Venezuela, Colombia, Portugal, Argentina, Spain and Mexico who engaged selfie mode.

“It was incredible to be able to bring such a varied range of talent into people’s homes. Every single performer was different and it was powerful to watch how people responded,” says Ricardo.

On top of the CONVIDA-20 events, the team at Palladium has also introduced Palladium TV to keep their guests engaged. The channel brings to life the stories of popular staff and provides information about the cultures of the locations that Palladium properties inhabit.

When hotel guests become family

As the lockdown continues, Ricardo, an almost 18-year veteran of Palladium Hotel Group, is missing his guests and eagerly awaiting their return on the proposed 1 July reopening date that’s been set across each of the hotel’s locations.

“I started with Palladium in 2002,” explains Ricardo. “So, some of my guests really are like my family. In fact, I have many friends from Canada and the US that I visit more regularly than my real family in Mexico! And, I love them. If I have to pay to receive the first guests back, I will happily pay.”


Since the success of both CONVIDA-20 Music Fest and CONVIDA-20 Fitness & Dance, guests have demanded a comeback of musicians and instructors to their screens. It’s a request that Palladium, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, can’t deny and two more events are now in the calendar for the end of May. Keep an eye on the brand’s Instagram page for updates.